Stonelaws is a 550 acre  farm , named after the stoney  ‘Laws’ or  hillocks which  are around the farm.  These are igneous rocks which go back to the geological period when North Berwick Law was an active volcano.  The rest of the farm is fertile, with some loams and some clay soils.

The farm cultivation practice has been changing over recent years, with the change from ploughing to ‘minimum- till’ which goes far lower into the soil, and currently changing at present to ‘no-till’, where only a surface scrape is made prior to the  sowing of the  seed.  This is being done to decrease the carbon releases from the soil and to maintain the fertility and structure of the soil.

This winter we have planted ‘cover crops’ in some fields  which hold the soil together and help prevent erosion.  These criops will either be grazed in spring , or sprayed back prio to sowing of the spring crops.

Also on the farm  are cows  and calves, store cattle  and farm hens.  The farmalso  has a DIY livery yard,

There are woods within the farm, which provides wood for the bio-mass boiler installed 5 years ago –  the consumption of oil used by farm has substantially decreased and is now negligible – the use of PV (solar) panels has also contributed to  reduction.


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